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PET PANTRY INTERNATIONAL -Manufactured by Champion Foods)

Pet Pantry-General Info and Contact

NOTE:    Pet Pantry, Inc. of Freeport, Maine is in no way associated with the national franchise Pet Pantry International, Inc.   We are a family owned retail store in Freeport, Maine.


Pet Pantry International
3719 N. Carson St.
Carson City, NV 89706
800#: (800) 381-7387
Tel: (775) 841-9722
Fax: (775) 841-9732
Web Site:
Contact: Mr. Wade Webster, VP Franchise Development



2003-05-26-ALERT! Pet food may have included rendered material from the BSE positive cow


2003-05-26 FDA notified the U.S. pet food firm, The Pet Pantry International, of Carson City, Nevada, when FDA learned that the pet food that the firm received may have included rendered material from the BSE positive cow. The manufacturer of the pet food is Champion Pet Food, Morinville, Alberta. The suspect dog food was produced by Champion Pet Food between February 4, 2003, and March 12, 2003.