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This is made by Mars -There is a video on their site.  It “appears to me that this may have something to do with their *new facility location and recent activity closing/moving factories production, but not positive. Info is rather scarce at the moment.

From the site:  The WALTHAM® Centre is an undisputedly the Worlds leading authority on pet care and nutrition, and for several decades now it has been conducting advanced and breakthrough scientific research in this field. The resultsof  the research  are published in  many prestigious  scientific magazines, and many  are protected  by

international patents. Unique characteristic of the  WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition consists in the approach  to the animals  they work  with. Strict rules of  non-invasive  research and  consciouslyfriendly  attitude are a  result of the concern  for  WALTHAM®  pets’ health and the intention  to improve  their living conditions. The WALTHAM® Centre employs a vast number of specialists,
such  as  veterinarians,  nutritionists,  research  scientists,  biochemists,  physicists,  animal behaviour  specialists,  IT specialists  and  breeders.  Over  600  specialists  from  aroundthe  world  cooperate with  WALTHAM®.  Because they  are so proud of  the facility  andtheir achievements, as a unique institution in the world, the  WALTHAM®  Centre is also open to visitors. <snip>

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