The Veterinary Merck Manual states some very informative, facts on salmonella……  and that it is the guts of our pets~ . They clearly state that unless there are certain conditions met, it is a non issue !    When it does become an issue, it has to do with bad immune systems or other illness being present.

KIBBLE carries salmonella,  and so do many of the treats we feed our pets, which is why the FDA is always recalling Pet Food because the % of contamination is above what they legally allow~ !  the FDA is well aware that raw meats, in general, (any raw meats) can and do carry bacteria and they have a set % they allow to pass though   I recall 23% allowance, but I need to verify that.

Since the raw meats we feed our pets can come form the supermarket and even those meats have salmonella,, then why is it that they do not recall our supermarket meats and only recall the raw meats that are *prepared raw?  Um, wonder if it has anything to do with the Dry and canned Pet Food Companies putting pressure on them!

I am always more worried about what they are going to find next in the pet foods,  then I am with salmonella findings in Pet Foods!

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