ALERT ! Purina One Lamb and Rice

I just received a phone call from someone  locally here in Virginia Beach.   In the last two weeks she has gone to 4 stores looking for ANY SIZE  Purina One Lamb and Rice!

She has been to Wal-mart  (twice in a ten day period),  Food Lions (once), Farm Fresh.(once)

The shelves are ALL BARE of ANY SIZE Purina One Lamb and Rice~ And, Wal-mart has had trucks come into deliver other formulas but no Lamb and Rice in any size

There is nothing on the Purina Site and I have received nothing in my alerts~~

Apparently the stores are being quiet about it,  although an employee of Wal-mart when asked, said,  perhaps?  it is a voluntary recall !

Does anyone have any information on this?

I would suggest that anyone who uses this food call Purina and inquire so what ever is going on can be brought to light ~~


4 responses to “ALERT ! Purina One Lamb and Rice

  1. They have started putting chicken in their lamb and rice.
    It is not the same food. My dog has been on it for years because she is allergic to poultry, all of the sudden she started breaking out ear infection etc. Sure enough they are now putting chicken in the lamb and rice.
    I am sure it is cheaper.

  2. I was wondering if my dogs rare intestinal cancer is linked to this food. She eating lamb and rice to help with a brittle nail condition. We had to put her to sleep on Thursday. 😦

  3. I dont know but I feed my dogs the lamb and rice I have had 2 dogs die in the last month and now my little dog is showing signs of being sick so upset

  4. This is what I have heard so far from a member of one of the lists I am on.

    “I called Purina One. Apparently, their lamb comes from Australia and from New Zealand. They have had bad weather and it is affecting the lamb supply. She said therefore many people are not seeing any on their shelves at all. Would be interesting to see if any other companies are being impacted and where other companies obtain their lamb. – L & F ”

    Also she said this:

    ” My stores all have it: Target, Acme, Shoprite.”

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