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Did You Purchase a Natura Pet Food

Finally someone is not letting these Commercial Pet Food Companies off the hook and making them accountable for their lies!!


Natura Pet-General Info and Contact

Natura Pet Products
PO Box 271
Santa Clara, CA 95052-0271
(408) 261-0770 (800) 532-7261


The first “true” holistic pet health food.

Grain-free pet food for the carnivore in your dog, cat or ferret.

California Natural
Ideal for pets when food sensitivity may be a problem.

Balanced nutrition for all sizes and breeds.

Mother Nature
Healthy pet treats that are an ideal alternative to high-fat snacks.

Organic dog food and dog treats featuring 95% organic ingredients.

2008-05-16 ALERT! INNOVA Biscuits -20 oz Bag

ADMIN NOTE: The post is below! ~ I have PERSONALLY called Bark and Purr this morning at 11:43 AM~ They CONFIRMED this to me on the phone. However, they also want to stress that this is an *ISOLATED INCIDENT* so far!

THE COMPANY …PICKED UP THE PRODUCT FOR TESTING *immediately* and it is in their hands already.

Spokesperson for the store says that it is *thought* that perhaps this happened due to someone not cleaning the machine properly after a run and not cleaning up after themselves. They want to stress that *THIS IS CONJECTURE ONLY* and they are awaiting the test results from the Company. So, let’s wait and see. I will let you all know as soon as I know anything.

Posted Friday, May 16, 2008 by Cheryl Silver who personally confirmed the information below. Permission is given to crosspost this message
in its entirety–do not edit. Cheryl Silver in Austin,Texas
************ *****
If you purchased the green 20 oz bag of Innova dog biscuits–the large size biscuits–for your pupsters, please check the expiration date for a
December 08 expiration date. This is the batch in question.

Someone in the neighborhood who just recently purchased some biscuits at Bark ‘n Purr (in Austin,Texas) found pieces of metal and rocks in these biscuits when breaking them in half for their dogs. The package was returned to the store and when they and the store staff looked through some of the other biscuits in the same package, they found more non-food items in the biscuits. Bark ‘n Purr management contacted the manufacturers immediately and the product has been pulled off the shelf and sent to the manufacturer.

I confirmed all of the above with the manager at Bark ‘n Purr this morning and told her I would be sending out a note. She was extremely

If you have a package in this batch–the batch that expires in December 08–you can return it to them. As of this morning they have heard
nothing from the manufacturer.

I did ask the store manager if it is likely that this batch of biscuits would have been distributed only in central Texas. She said it would
likely have gone out all over the country.

cheryl silver in allandale neighborhood in Austin,TX

——- End of forwarded message ——-

2008-01-22-My Thoughts on Response/Letter Nutrua sent to me

At this point, I have not decided if I even want to bother to respond to their email. I have to think about it!

Although I see a huge difference in attitude from them, compared to how they responded *prior to and during* the 2007 recalls, I personally feel as a consumer, that they have a way to go……to be able to impact informed Pet Food Consumers in a way that will convince them that Nutura has care and compassion for our situation and out pets. IMO! I do think they are on their way, however.

Paragraph #01- Ummm, I get the express feeling that I am to be grateful they are assisting me, since *most* or my answers are on the site, which they gave me the link to…… especially interesting since in my initial letter, I quoted directly from their site several times. I was looking for a more personal response/reassurance. Something similar to the warm response I received from Orijen which came across to me as a consumer, as *how can we make you comfortable with our product!* because we care. (see the ORIJEN board on this food forum.)

Paragraph #02 – I know several Pet Food Companies who make claims to such healthful pet food. Orijen, to name just one!
There are also Honest Kitchen, Nature’s Variety and others that have impressed myself and others by their products, ingredients, communication, including adequate disclosure concerning their all or most of their manufacturing practices.

Paragraph #03)- No comment on this other than to say it is good information and nice to hear……..

Paragraph #04-10 are directly taken from the website word for word!

Paragraph #11- This is the first paragraph which, to me, at least really talks to me as a consumer who has actually has a brain and may understand an honest reply ! It is an honest *forthcoming response* to a legitimate concern! It is the first place in this entire post that does not sound or come across as though it is being copied and pasted from a pre-designed post somewhere!

Paragraph #12-The last part of the paragraph is almost word for word, from their *independent results page*

Paragraph #13-14 Both sentences are pretty much rearranged from the *ingredients definition pages*EXCEPT!!!!! The sentence that says, *CLEARLY* that they do NOT use 3D animal ingredients! THAT is , once again *huge* ~

SUMMERY……… so all in all, most of the letter was taken from various pages and statements on the site! Other than the 3D comment, there was *nothing on the email that was not on the site!

I did not get some questions answered! Mostly on the rendering procedures they use and where the rendering is done. But at least they are telling us that there is no 3D meat used! I would still like to know who does the rendering as well as how and where it is done and what else might be produced at the place they get the rendering done, because I am thinking about cross contamination issues !

—-what type of plants/factories do the rendering?
—-Are the various renderings done specifically for your line of foods according to your specifications?
—-If so, what are those specifications?

—-Also, what other things are produced at the factories/plants where your foods are produced.

2008-01-21-Natura’s Response to my letter/questions 1/17/08

Just a Note. ~ This post is as it was received, unedited, (other than the addition of paragraph numbers and a spelling error correction in the subject line with the Word CONCERNING). I have numbered the paragraphs for conversational purposes……to make it easier for those who choose to comment on a particular paragraph to do so……~

From: Customer Service []
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2008 4:33 PM
To: Pamela Brander Myers

Dear Pamela,

#01) The answers to most of your questions are all on our website at But to help in assisting you at this time I will note the following response.

#02) No pet food company in the world makes natural pet foods like Natura. We use only ingredients you’d eat yourself: quality meats, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and complete vitamin and mineral supplements. For us humans, a diet of natural, wholesome food is essential to living a long healthy life. We believe this fundamental principle is true for your pet, too.

#03) All of our human grade dog and cat foods are carefully cooked and tested to ensure consistent nutrient quality and enjoyable texture and taste. All of the ingredients used in our pet foods are tested to make sure they are hormone, antibiotic and pesticide-free. And we never add artificial ingredients, chemical additives, by-products or fillers of any kind.

Pet Food Safety and Quality Control

#04) Because we use only the highest quality human-grade pet food ingredients in our dog and cat foods, we apply the highest quality manufacturing guidelines to our production process. There are no shortcuts here. We follow the strictest of pet food manufacturing guidelines to ensure we deliver a product that sets the benchmark in the industry. That’s what your pet deserves.

#05) Natura Pet Products has received certifications from the following four organizations:
American Institute of Baking(AIB) Superior rating certification – “…high AIB ratings confirm a manufacturer’s commitment to excellence,” – WDJ February, 2006.

#06) USDA Organic Production Certification – A National Organic Program certifier has approved the facility and its procedures through rigorous inspection and auditing. (Natura’s baking facility is certified by OneCert)

#07) USDA APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) Registered – APHIS registry certifies that Natura purchases all of our meats from USDA registered suppliers who follow all USDA regulations for safe meat handling.

#08 ) ISO Quality Management System 9001: 2000 compliant: – An internationally recognized and highly respected system of quality management.

#09) In addition to our accreditations, Natura employs our own standards of quality. We own and built our own facility for dry dog and cat food and are in the process to own our own canning facility. Before any of our pet food is shipped, it must pass 121 quality-control checks.

#10) This isn’t just pet food. This is the foundation for your pet’s long-term health. We want to be sure we provide him or her with the best pet food on the market, manufactured in the best way possible.

#11) Natura does not source any ingredients from China. However, even though we are committed to eliminate Chinese sourced ingredients from our formulas, the reality is that there is a world wide shortage of some of our vitamin premix components which leaves us in the position to have to rely on Chinese supplies to make sure that our formulas are complete and balanced. Since our pledge in March, we have made progress to source our ingredients from the USA and/or from Europe without regard for the additional cost; but we realize now that it will be impossible for us to be able to guarantee that our formulas are free from Chinese-sourced ingredients in the near term.

#12) But please rest assured that we have taken every precaution possible to ensure the purity and safety of all the ingredients in our food, paying special attention to those from China. We have detailed information about the exact origin of each ingredient and certificates of analysis to guarantee purity. And don’t forget that Natura continues to execute our industry-first testing protocols for both cyanuric acid and melamine in our finished products as well as vitamin premixes. We will continue to work hard to honor our commitment to eliminate Chinese-sourced ingredients from our products, but in the meantime you can be 100% sure that all Natura products are safe and free from contamination.

#13) Rendering is the process by which the moisture and fat are removed from animal tissue making them “meals.” All “meals” are rendered, some “meals” are good, and some are bad. You should look at the word that precedes the word “meal” to find out the protein source that is being used. If it says “chicken” or “lamb” before the word “meal”, then you can be sure that the “meal” is made from whole lean muscle tissue from that specific source.

#14) Natura always uses single source meats for our protein sources. Our “meals” are always preceded by a specific meat source like chicken or lamb, venison, herring etc… WE DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN OUR PET FOOD THAT WE WOULD NOT EAT OURSELVES. We do NOT use any meat source from the 3D’s. ONLY HUMAN GRADE .

I hope I was able to answer all your questions. If you should have any other questions please do not hesitate to let us know.
Thank you,
Vicki Lane
Customer Service

2008-01-17-My Letter To Natura

From: Pamela Brander Myers
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2008 7:57 PM
To: Customer Service
Natura Pet Products
PO Box 271
Santa Clara, CA 95052-0271

January 17, 2008


As a consumer and one who continues to research and educate myself on the Commercial Per Food Industry, I spend countless hours on the Pet Food Companies sites, the FDA site, The AVMA site and reading all about what goes into the pet foods, how various rendering is done, what the Cattleman’s Industry (and Garth Merrick) feels about the FDA attempting to stop the present practice of putting 3d rendering in Pet foods and on and on.

I pass on my knowledge to others who are interested in learning and to help them make their own educated decisions on what choices are out there and how to determine which ones to feed their pets.

Let me say that I am *not an expert in Pet foods* , nor do I claim to be the know all. I *DO* however know a lot more than the average bear and as a result of spending countless hours on the sites reading from every angle, I do not have any love or trust in the Commercial Pet food Industry! That being said, I try very hard to look for the best in the pet foods~ and to know why they are the better pet foods….. I, in turn, pass that information on to my fellow list members on Yahoo and Google, on my own lists, and on both my website and my Animals Speak forum…… which I will also do with any information I receive from your company. I want to make that perfectly clear. I research the company, what other names they DBA as, and write letters to the companies directly, both on my own and as a result of requests to do so, as this one is.

So, if you will be so kind as to give me a little of your time, I have some questions about your Pet Food Ingredients.

Regards your products mentioned and your various ingredients lists, in all of your formulas, both your meats and meals, i.e., Herring, turkey, Chicken and any other meats and fish, as well as meals , along with various fats ………

I would like to know where these various meats and fish are obtained. Are these only USDA Human grade meats and fish, and are the foods that they go into, produced in the same plants/factories where only human grade foods are produced? If not, can you please tell me where and what type of plant they are produced in? Also, what other things are produced at the factories/plants where your foods are produced.

You state that your meals are *rendered products*.. Are the meats and fish used in the various renderings, that you state are in your various foods, from any 3D animals and are rendered in the usual 3D rendering plants/facilities??

If not, then where are the meats and fish that are rendered for your meals obtained from please and are they human grade, and what type of plants/factories do the rendering? Are the various renderings done specifically for your line of foods according to your specifications? If so, what are those specifications?

I have taken the liberty to BCC the person who asked me to inquire, so she will be receiving a copy of this inquiry and I will be forwarding to her your response as well !

I will then post it to my site ~ under your product name so others can have access to it.

Thank you for your time in this important matter…… I will be looking forward to your response.

Pamela Stoker Brander Myers

2007-08-31-Update-Notes-Research-Conversationd thoughts

I am back to not being confident about the product…. I honestly feel like a yo-yo…… so I hope you all have better success in determining what is true and what is not…….

I have been reading and studying posts on the Itchmo site and this site also I have also been looking at lab reports and photos.

I just don’t feel a confident about the foods as I did before this all happened and after reading all their information on their site and comparing it to all that has been posted on other various sites , i.e. lab reports, photos and so forth, I am just as lost as to what is true here as many of you probably are.

I find the information (labs tests, photos and information) posted by many very credible. Since pet owners who have lost a loving pet, can not get a huge sum of money for a pet *possession* they really have no reason to lie. Also, if there are those who did lie, can they *all* be lying? I hardly doubt that.

So I am left with the thoughts ……who has the most to lose by a lie, the pet owner or the manufacturer! I guess we can all answer that question! So, armed with that and with all that has happened this year, it is very difficult for me to trust any of the manufactures. I do trust some more than others on a scale……

Usually I get a strong sense one way or another, but in the end I stay away from anything that I do not feel confident about. I can not take the chance with a 5 lb baby. It would not take much to kill her and I am not willing to take the chance by putting trust in companies that are not, or have not gone way out of their way to prove to us all that their food is safe and does not contain 3D rendering in it, or other bad stuff.

I will be watching to see if I can find any new information on all this…..and if I do I will put it up. That is about all I can do.