Grain Free Sources

Grain Free Foods and companies that produce them –

by Pam Myers
Lets Talk Pet Foods

Hi Everyone  

Due to the situation with all the recalls of pet foods with grains in them being toxic, here is a partial list I put together of grain free foods choices.

This list is on-going, so please feel free to contact me with yours if you do not see it listed.

The majority of the foods on this list are considered by the food experts as ranging from the middle ground foods upwards to the high end foods.

I am personally not saying that these are the best or *safe* ! Who knows what safe is these days. I am not sure there is any such thing as safe, when it comes to choosing commercial pet foods for our fur babies, be they Canine or Feline or any other species for that matter.

For a list of *Bad Food Ingredients* to look for in Pet Foods, please go here :

The list of grain free foods, below is in alphabetical order. Not all the grain-free flavors or varieties that one company produces may be listed. Some companies have numerous grain-free varieties and some have only one, so you may have to do some searching when you get to the site, for others.

Pet Food Companies Which Are Claiming Grain-Free Foods & Some Of Their Formulas

Please remember, these are alphabetical, and are not in any particular order as to quality or performance, so please do your research. I also put the main site page here in case they move pages on their site and the grain links do not work.

Natura Pet

EVO Large Bites Dry Dog Food
EVO Small Bites Dry Dog Food
EVO Cat and Kitten Dry Cat and Kitten Food

EVO dog and cat food is completely grain-free


Natural Balance Pet Foods

Natural Balance® Potato & Duck Dry Dog Food

No Corn • No Wheat • No Soy (Does not say grain-free) but there are none listed in the ingredients. It is listed as an allergen-free diet! This is also the one I have fed to Lil since I have had her.


Nature’s Variety

Raw Instinct Grain-Free Nutrition for Dogs

Raw Instinct Grain-Free Nutrition for Cats

Grain-Free High in chicken protein
Complete and balanced for all life stages


Old Mother Hubbard

Wellness CORE – Dogs

Wellness CORE – Fish & Fowl Cats & Kittens

Grain-free cat food! We have developed a 50% protein
All I saw for Dogs was can venison which was listed as Grain-free …May be a grain free Dry listed, but I did not see it.


Sojourner Farms


A wholesome pre-mix that you combine with meat and water to create a fresh, homemade dog food


Solid Gold Health Products

“Barking At The Moon”

Grain and Gluten-Free High Protein Dog Food


The Honest Kitchen

Force Hormone-free chicken Adult maintenance

Embark Hormone-free turkey All life stages

Preference Meat & Grain-Free

Prowl Hormone-free chicken Adult Maintenance

Dehydrated Raw Dog & Cat Food

Timberwolf Organics

Ocean Blue™ Canid Formula
Ocean Blue is Grain Free-Dogt

Serengeti Herbal Felid Diet™
Serengeti is Grain Free-Cat

This is their main food page which clearly lists all their foods and clearly says GRAIN-FREE in the description of the ones which are grain-free


Urban Wolf

Urban Wolf ® Adult Formula (Canine)

Urban King® Feline Formula
Holistic ~Grain-Free~ B.A.R.F.

All formulas are 100% grain-free
Raw frozen Diet: (Beef, chicken, duck/goose, lamb)
Freeze-dried Diet: (Beef, chicken, duck/goose, lamb)
All formulas are 100% grain-free

The Dog Food Project just put up its own list of grain-free also. Hers has many more details then mine does.
You can see it here:


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