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M.I. Industries (Nature’s Variety-Happy Pet -Honey Creek)

M.I. Industries-General Info and Contact


They make Nature’s Variety. They also own Happy Pet and Honey Creek Farms

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M.I. Industries was established more than 25 years ago on a foundation of customer-driven quality, innovation, integrity and superior service.  Today, these elements continue to define how we serve our customers.


Scott Kenney
Phone: 314-590-5700
Fax: 314-590-5705
Our mission is to provide pet caregivers with superior quality nutritional products. In addition to superior quality, we will provide exceptional value and the best service in the industry. 

To be recognized and selected as the nutritional pet products provider of choice by progressively improving product quality, customer service and the development of innovative products.


Natural Treats

Jerky Treats

Chicken breast jerky, Chicken jerky chips, Chicken sticks, Duck jerky, Duck jerky chips, Duck sticks, Turkey jerky, Pork jerky, Beef liver jerky, Beef sticks, Sweet potato wrapped with chicken jerky, Carrot wrapped with chicken jerky, Beef liver wrapped with chicken jerky, Achilles tendon wrapped with chicken jerkey, Pumpkin wrapped with chicken jerky, Apple wrapped with chicken jerky

Slow Roasted Bones

Ham bone, Ham bone multi-pack, Ham lil drummies, Lam bone, Lamb bone multi-pack, Beef bone, Beef bone multi-pack, Beef shank filet, Beef tasty trotters, Beef shank filet/trotter combo

Roasted Treats

Chicken giblets, Beef liver, Beef achilles tendons, Pizzles


2008-03-10-Response to my inquiry on Product Lines

From: Chris Young <cyoung>
Date: Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 1:37 PM
Subject: MI Industries

Dear Pamela Stoker Brander Myers,

Thank you for contacting MI Industries, Inc. regarding our product lines.

We do not have any affiliation with Harmony Farms.

In addition, our product information is available at either of the following website addresses:

We hope that this information is helpful and thank you again for your interest in our products.

Kind regards,
Chris Young
Consumer Affairs Coordinator
MI Industries, Inc.
6200 N 56th St
Lincoln, NE 68504