A Dogs Breakfast

Below this message, are two messages I received regarding from YAP FILMS, the documentary “A Dog’s Breakfast”, when I questioned them  where it might be viewed.

Here is their information should you want to purchase this video.  I personally feel that while the information on this video is fantastic information, I also feel the same about it as another person mentioned on her site. The information, while being right on spot,  and accurate is also, at this point , outdated with regards to the many, many loads of new more recent information which needs to be added to it now. So, I do not feel that spending that kind of money is worth it, IMO !

This is their website  http://www.yapfilms.com/

——-Original Message——-

From: yap films inc. ( Thedog@yapfilms.com )

Date: 2/22/2011 9:36:02 AM

To: Pamela-Myers


Greetings Pamela –

Thank you for your inquiry.

Pet Food is available from the Toronto office of Yap Films.

We sell it on dvd for the cost of $30 CDN plus 13% HST.

We ship the same day we receive funds – we accept cash, cheque, money order.

Let us know if you would like to proceed.

Thanks again for your interest in Yap Films programming.

the dog @
yap films

From: yap films inc.Date: 2/22/2011 2:52:23 PMTo: Pamela-Myers-On-Incredimail


Greetings Pamela –

Please read a statement released by the Executive Producer of Pet Food.   I believe it will answer your question…

We very much appreciate your interest in Pet Food: A Dog’s Breakfast. We remain hopeful that the broadcast of the program will  be rescheduled in the future. But in any event, all rights to air the program, whether through a television broadcast or through online viewing have been exclusively licensed to CNBC, regardless of when they choose to air. So respectfully, we are not in a position to sanction making it available for online viewing and any attempt to do so by a third party without the permission of CNBC would be a breach of CNBC’s exclusive rights to air the program in the United States.


2 responses to “A Dogs Breakfast

  1. Fantastic Blog Site ! I tried to link to the video, but I can’t get the link to load the video. It hangs! Any idea’s. I made the mistake years ago of not downloading a copy for myself! Grrrrrrrrr! While I am waiting for your response, I am going to create a link to your blog. I will try to contact you on your blog as well..

  2. Mollie Morrissette

    You’re welcome to view it on my site: Poisoned Pets. I have a copy that will not be taken down by YouTube or anyone else for that matter. As I cautioned, the YouTube copy would eventually be taken down, by CNBC presumably, but I made sure to not rely on it’s stability and instead I uploaded my own copy. Other sites that have lost their link are now linking back to me as it is not easily found elsewhere on the net. It’s link to it is in the sidebar at http://www.poisonedpets.com.

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