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Toxins In Corn Blamed For Latest Recall

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High level of toxins in corn grains blamed for Kroger petfood recall

Tennessee Department of Agriculture and US Food and Drug Administration investigators found elevated levels of the toxic substance aflatoxin in some corn grains to blame for the Kroger Co. petfood recall in late December 2010. “We took finished samples and grain samples that were stored and used to make petfood,” said Tom Womack, spokesman for the Tennessee, USA, Department of Agriculture.

FDA seeks comment on establishment of network for tracking petfood diseases

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is seeking comment on issues related to a proposed Pet Event Tracking Network (PETNet) for detection of petfood-related illnesses. FDA is seeking public comments on the paperwork and regulatory burdens associated with the proposed establishment of PETNet, which would be “a system for sharing information between FDA, other Federal agencies, and the States about food-borne illness outbreaks in companion animals,” according to FDA.

AFIA commends FDA on Compliance Policy Guide for Salmonella in petfood

The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) filed comments on Dec. 31, 2010, supporting the US Food and Drug Administration’s updated Compliance Policy Guide (CPG) Sec. 690.800 on Salmonella in animal feed, including petfood. FDA created CPGs to direct its field staff who regulate compliance policies for animal feed or feed ingredients contaminated with Salmonella as well as products that come into direct contact with humans, such as petfood.

Recalls still bring intense scrutiny to the industry

Pet owners, most of whom had been unaware of how their pets’ food was made or what it was made of, suddenly started learning and wanting to know much more about petfood ingredients, processing, regulation and testing. And that created a paradigm shift in how our industry communicated with consumers — or at least in how we should communicate and the kind of information consumers now expect.