Pet Food Regulatory Façade

This is a Third Year paper, researched and written in 2006, by Justine Patrick, who was then, a  Harvard law Student and who is now a lawyer.   This paper has everything in it about the Commercial Pet Food Industry,  the Pet Foods they make and sell, and all the agencies, who are who are supposed to regulate the Industry. I have seen and continue to see, the  Truth about Pet Food companies and their pet foods, in many places.  I have never, however,  seen so much well documented, proven research,   “all in one place”  as I have in this well written paper.  Please do feel free to comment on this paper……….

PDF FILE 2006-04-00 Deconstructing the Regulatory Façade You can save to your Hard Drive



One response to “Pet Food Regulatory Façade

  1. Is the Milk bone products totally manufactured in the USA?

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