Focusing On Protein

Note ~ This is just a Snippet Of Information From an excellent article written by  Melissa Grosjean.  Please consider going to the site listed at the bottom to read the entire article. You will be glad you did.~

Evaluating Protein Sources

A protein molecule is made up of chains of amino acids.

Protein from animal sources contains the most complete and most easily digested and assimilated amino acids for dogs and cats. Animal proteins are not only more bio-available and contain a wider array of amino acids – both essential on non-essential, they are also more palatable for your companion. The biological value of a protein is determined by how readily the amino acids are broken down and used by the body. For dogs and cats, egg whites are at the top of the list with a biological value of 100, followed by muscle meat (beef, chicken, lamb) at 92, and organ meats at 90. Wheat and corn are way down the list with biological values of 60 and 54. Cooking meat at the high temperatures required for canned foods and kibble reduces it’s biological value, providing another reason to include raw or less processed foods in your companion’s diet such as freeze dried or dehydrated meals.

When evaluating the protein source on a bag of kibble, keep in mind that whole meats, such as an ingredient listed as “chicken” or “beef,” contain 75% water. <SNIP> Click Here To Read Entire Article

Note -~ Ahhhhhh. . . I know what you’re thinking! Too much protein! Kidney damage! Well, guess what? The very early research that pointed a finger at protein as being a cause of kidney failure in dogs wasn’t even done on dogs!  It was done on rats fed unnatural diets for a rodent!

Focusing On Protein

Protein requirements of dogs and cats is an important and often misunderstood aspect of pet nutrition. “You are what you eat” is a saying we’ve all heard and it surely has some truth to it. Every responsible dog owner I’ve talked to has real concern about feeding a high quality diet to his or her dogs. Remarkably, no two dog owners seem to agree as to which dog food is “the best”. A large part of the disagreement regarding “the best” food to feed centers on the often ambiguous, mysterious and sometimes incorrect information we all see regarding the substance we call Protein. Let’s get the facts straight about the importance of protein in the dog’s diet. Then we can better judge which food would be “the best” for own dogs. <SNIP> Read Full Article

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