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Nestlé Purina Voluntarily Recalls Single Lot of Therapeutic Canned Cat Food

Nestlé Purina Voluntarily Recalls Single Lot of Therapeutic Canned Cat Food Due to A Low Level of Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

  • U.S. Consumer & Veterinarian Contact: Nestlé Purina Veterinary Resource Center: 1-800-982-8837
  • Canadian Consumer & Veterinarian Contact: Nestlé Purina PetCare: 1-866-884-8387
  • Media Contact: Bill Salzman: 314-982-3806; or Keith Schopp: 314-982-2577

St. Louis, Missouri, May 11, 2012 . . . Nestlé Purina PetCare (NPP) is voluntarily recalling one specific lot of its Purina Veterinary Diets® OM Overweight Management canned cat food, available through veterinarians in the U.S. and Canada. This precautionary measure is being taken in response to one consumer complaint received by FDA. Analytical testing of the product sample by FDA indicated a low level of thiamine (Vitamin B1). Purina has received no other complaints of thiamine-related or any other health issues related to this product.

Only cans with the following “Best By” date and production code shown are included in this voluntary recall:

Product Name Can Size “Best By” Date & Production Code* Bag UPC Code
Purina Veterinary Diets® OM (Overweight Management) Feline Formula 5.5 oz. JUN 2013 11721159 38100 – 13810

*“Best By” Date and Production Code are found on the bottom of the can.

Cats fed this affected lot exclusively for several weeks may be at risk for developing a thiamine deficiency. Thiamine is essential for cats. Symptoms of deficiency displayed by an affected cat can be gastrointestinal or neurological in nature. Early signs of thiamine deficiency may include decreased appetite, salivation, vomiting and weight loss. In advanced cases, neurological signs can develop, which may include ventriflexion (bending towards the floor) of the neck, wobbly walking, falling, circling and seizures. Contact your veterinarian immediately if your cat is displaying any of these signs. If treated promptly, thiamine deficiency is typically reversible.

This product was distributed to veterinary clinics between June, 2011 and May, 2012 throughout the U.S. and Canada. The product is not sold in retail stores.

No additional Purina cat or dog products are involved in this voluntary recall. No other Purina Veterinary Diets® products are involved, and only Purina Veterinary Diets® OM canned cat food which match the “Best By” dates and production code above are included in this recall.

Consumers who have purchased Purina Veterinary Diets® OM canned cat food cans with these specific “Best By” Date and Production Codes should discontinue feeding the product, and discard it.

At Nestlé Purina PetCare, the safety and efficacy of our products are our top priority. We apologize for any inconvenience due to this voluntary recall. For further information or to obtain a product refund, please contact Nestlé Purina as follows:

U.S. Consumers & Veterinarians:
Call toll-free 1-800-982-8837 Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time, or visit

Canadian Consumers & Veterinarians:
Call toll-free 1-866-884-8387 Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time, or visit

Nestle-Purina, Royal Canin and Hill’s busted for price-fixing in Europe

This is from Poisoned Pets-Good article.

Nestle-Purina, Royal Canin and Hill’s busted for price-fixing in Europe.

ALERT ! Purina One Lamb and Rice

I just received a phone call from someone  locally here in Virginia Beach.   In the last two weeks she has gone to 4 stores looking for ANY SIZE  Purina One Lamb and Rice!

She has been to Wal-mart  (twice in a ten day period),  Food Lions (once), Farm Fresh.(once)

The shelves are ALL BARE of ANY SIZE Purina One Lamb and Rice~ And, Wal-mart has had trucks come into deliver other formulas but no Lamb and Rice in any size

There is nothing on the Purina Site and I have received nothing in my alerts~~

Apparently the stores are being quiet about it,  although an employee of Wal-mart when asked, said,  perhaps?  it is a voluntary recall !

Does anyone have any information on this?

I would suggest that anyone who uses this food call Purina and inquire so what ever is going on can be brought to light ~~

Woman asking questions about Friskies Cat Food after her cat died

7:24 PM, Jan 17, 2011  |   comments

New Port Richey, Florida — A New Port Richey woman is asking questions about Friskies Cat Food after her cat died after she started feeding it to the feline.

Kim Herget says she cries every night and is grieving over her five-year-old cat, Smokey. She says after feeding Friskies to her cat for several days, her pet got sick. Herget says she took her pet to the vet, where it was diagnosed with acute kidney failure.

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2008-09-20 Purina Beneful Infested W/Fly Larvae, Maggots

Purina Isn’t Bothered By Dog Food Infested With Fly Larvae, Maggots
Christina’s two dogs fell ill after eating Purina Beneful infested with maggots and fly larvae. After taking her dogs to the vet, Christina called Purina for an explanation, only to be told: “As soon as our food leaves our factory, it is no longer our responsibility.”

My husband and I found live maggots and larva in a bag of Purina Beneful last week. I bought it at a Petsmart in Kitchener last Sunday, and opened it on Wednesday. I had already fed our two labs two meals of the infested food before realizing there were numerous maggots and fly larva. When I called to speak with Purina about this the response I got as…”as soon as our food leaves our factory, it’s no longer our problem.” …disappointing.

I then brought this up with Petsmart’s main office, who claims it is not their responsibility either.

My husband and I are furious…our dogs have been sick for 4 days now…they have chronic diarrhea and are not themselves.

CTV picked up the story, but Purina didn’t seem interested in talking to them either:

Read Full Article:

2008-09-12-Beneful Pulled From Shelves in VA-Mite Contamination

SOURCE: (Link is Dead Now)

Purina Beneful Pulled From Shelves in VA-Mite Contamination
« on: September 12, 2008, 07:19:08 PM »

Dog food pulled from shelves September 12, 2008

My Fox Hampton Roads VA

“A Newport News woman contacted MyFox Hampton Roads after she learned her dog food was contaminated with Grain Mites.

“MyFox Hampton Roads has been investigating this story for two weeks. On Friday, we confirmed Care-a-Lot Pet Supply along Oyster Point Road in Newport News pulled their supply of Beneful Dry Dog Food.

“Vicki Lemay’s cupboards are bare. They have been for two weeks. For 14 days, her family has been eating in restaurants.

“About two weeks ago she noticed dust on her coffee pot near the dog food she stored in her kitchen. When the dust wouldn’t go away after three days of cleaning, she took a closer look.

“”I started staring at it and realized they were moving,” says Vicki.

“She tracked the source of the moving bugs back to her bag of dry Beneful Dog food.

“”There were literally thousands in the dog food and all in my pantry, just everywhere in my kitchen,” says Vicki.

“While her daughter played with the dogs, Vicki contacted Purina, the manufacturer of Beneful.

“The company sent an exterminator to her home who said her dog food and kitchen were infested with grain mites.

“MyFox Hampton Roads learned the bugs are microscopic and leave behind a residue that looks like saw dust. Unfortunately for Vicki, research shows they are very hard to get rid of.

“Vicki also learned the hard way, “It could give you flu like symptoms, maybe a stomach ache, but you won’t get deathly ill or anything from it.”

“She says she experienced stomach problems and so did one of her dogs.

“MyFox Hampton Roads discussed this problem with Purina spokesman, Keith Shoop. He tells us “We’re slightly puzzled, but infestation in grain based foods can happen anytime after our products leave our manufacturing facility.”

“He also says, “Infestation can occur, but it’s a relatively small percentage of the number of products that we produce. We take these problems very seriously and work with the consumer to try and identify what the problem is.”

“Vicki admits, the Purina officials she’s been speaking to have been very kind and helpful. She says they offered to pay for all expenses she incurs during this problem with the grain mites. They told her to keep all of her receipts and they’ll reimburse her, according to Vicki.

“In the meantime, Denise Clarke, Vice President of Care A Lot Pet Supply says, “We are not planning to put the product back on our shelves until we know 100% that the problem has been rectified with Purina and we do believe the problem will be straightened out.”

Authored by: Steve Jacobs, Sr. Extension Associate
Dennis Calvin, Assistant Professor