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ZiwiPeak-General Info and Contact




P.O. Box 4342, Mount Maunganui,
Bay of Plenty North Island, New Zealand
Phone: +64 7 575 2426 or Fax: +64 7 575 2425

NOTE: All foods appear to be Venison based. Certainly there is nothing bad in these foods according to the ingredients lists. This would be a medium to high end food choice, IMO. I have to do more research yet though. It appears there are Dry and Moist….. Cat and Dog Cuisine. 

A caution for the flax seed oil, in case your pet is allergic to that. Some find it an acceptable ingredient and others do not. I love that the foods have *organ meat* in them. That is certainly a plus. As I am looking at the ingredients list, I am wondering why it is saying Venison *meat* and Lamb *Meat*? That would be something one might want to ask about. I find that a bit confusing. At any rate, even though I am not a fan of commercial foods (as most of you already know) I do like to give a company the benefit of the doubt until I find a reason not to!~ Then if I do find out different, I post it, I’ll probably be adding more on this food as I run across things. I will continue to research this food and company, so check back. <G> I have sent them a note asking various questions I mentioned above and will post it when I get a response.


Company Trades as Wilderness Foods Manufacturing LTD
Wilderness Profiles:

14 Boeing Place
P.O. Bx 4342
Mt Maunganui, New Zealand

Premium New Zealand Ingredients
ZiwiPeak pet food only use premium, all-natural ingredients that are ranch-raised (free of antibiotics and hormones) <SNIP>

<SNIP> Ingredients with no colours, preservatives, fillers or grains. ZiwiPeak products are suitable to feed your pet at any stage of life. <SNIP>

<SNIP> All ZiwiPeak pet food Lamb, Venison and Veal products are sourced from animals of New Zealand origin and are slaughtered and processed through approved human grade licensed export facilities.

The various raw materials are collected from the Export Licensed facilities and transported to our specialised pet food processing factories in both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. <SNIP>
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All products are EU certified.
New Zealand Government Veterinarian Inspectors sign each Health Certificate for all our products. The Health Certificates state that New Zealand meat products are free of the following:




2008-12-31-Other Information Of Interest

Someone Found this stamped on a recent bag and are wondering about it and what it means.
The new bag still says the manufacturer is Wilderness Foods, in New Zealand, but stamped on the bag is the following:

ZIWIPEAK Marketing, Inc. CPD
PO Box 1055
Independence MO 64051
Use by Feb 2009 Batch code 2540

They also said it had a very strong odor……. (which I have seen others say on various sites) Some said it might be a result of the venison because it is a gamy meat.
It appears that sometime this past summer (prior to or around June) they changed canneries!
Some of the cans in June ad this written on them and the consistency of the cans was different then the past.

Ziwipeak Mkt Ltd. 304 Stone Rd. Wst Suite 128 Guelph Ont Can
N1G4W4 Ph 001 519 823 9142
BB 2009-03-06 Mix 14

Codes On cans with this address:
ZVNC/1128 2009/08/02
ZVNC/1132 2009/08/02
ZVNC/1133 2009/08/02

It appears that there was a time when they were changing manufacturing locations and had a tempory place do it during the transition, which why the address was different, which would explain this one, but not the one above!

Member of APPMA (American Pet Products)

Claims are that the food lasts much longer than the average Pet Foods. It is said that one bag will feed a 30 lb dog for 8-9 days. (2.2 lb bag)

The shelf life of pouches, once they leave the manufacturer is 18 months (sealed)
Once it is opened shelf life decreases to one month.


Wilderness foods is approved for exporting By-Products
SOURCE: Gov’t .pdf document attached

SOURCE:Pet Food List

ZiwiPeak, Ltd. (information provided by General Manager)

* Ziwi Peak is their only brand.
* All ingredients are from NZ except chicory which is from Europe. We audit all our suppliers.
* No gluten of any kind is used in any of their products.
* No rice protein is used in any of their products.
* Standard tests carried out in NZ show melamine, cyanuric acid, & acetaminophen are not present in the
feeds given to animals that are used for their meat, fish and poultry products.
* Ziwi Peak, Ltd. does not manufacture private labels for other companies.
* Ziwi Peak, Ltd. is indiviually owned. (ZiwiPeak is manufactured in New Zealand by a company that has
until recently been called Wilderness Foods Ltd. For consistency it has just been renamed ZiwiPeak Ltd.)

Incorporated in 1994, Wilderness Foods has been developed by New Zealander Peter Mitchell to provide a super-premium product with quality personal service.

Peter Mitchell, Managing Director of Wilderness Foods Ltd, has been involved in the venison industry since the early 1980’s when he began exporting meats to the US and Europe.

After receiving numerous requests for quality meat products for use in the manufacture of pet foods, Peter set about developing ingredients to fill this gap in the market. The result has been the processing of super premium Mechanically-Deboned-Meats and offal for supply to pet food manufacturers.

Peter and the Team at Wilderness Foods pride themselves on not only providing a quality product, but on giving their clients top service and satisfaction.

The Team is dedicated to customer care. They do all their own documentation for processing and shipping enabling them to monitor orders from request right through to dispatch, and they will work with their clients to ensure all needs are met. Peter is available to discuss your requirements at all times.