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Flint River Ranch

Flint River Ranch
365 Private Road 7581
Dike, TX 75437
(866) 236-5102


ADMIN NOTE: To my knowledge, Flint River has *Never* had a recall or an alert! I can say that I fed my PitBull, Bitsy Baby, this food and his coat was always shiny and in great condition. I love that it was delivered to my door and has no *nasties* in the ingredients! Customer service is always available and they are courteous

Flint River Ranch dog food and cat food contains only human-grade, natural ingredients that are slowly oven-baked under carefully controlled conditions, resulting in a food that is easily digested, and has a high degree of assimilation of important vitamins and minerals. We’re proud to offer this super premium quality pet food from Flint River Ranch:

* 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We’re so confident that your cats and dogs will thrive on Flint River Ranch food that we go beyond the manufacturer’s return policy; we have a true 100% purchase price refund policy for 30 days.
* Shipped Fresh to Your Home via UPS. Free Shipping!
* Exceptional Customer Service- the old-fashioned way. Call us toll-free or send email to
* All-Natural, Human-Grade Ingredients
* Twice Oven-Baked for Maximum Nutrient Absorption
* Nutritionally Complete and Balanced, Exceeding AAFCO Nutrient Profiles
* Recommended by Top Veterinarians, Trainers, and Breeders
* Free-Range Chicken and Lamb
* Concentrated for Efficient Digestion:
Costs Less to Feed, Less Stool Cleanup
* No Unhealthy Fillers or By-products
* No Chemical Preservatives or Color Additives
* No Laboratory Testing on Animals


ADMIN NOTE: Please keep in mind that from time to time the company may decide to change the sample packs, so please, please go to the site or call the company to check for and changes in the sample packs.

This was a double order of sample packs -Click to enlarge


2007-03-28-Flint River “not” involved in Recalls

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 5:52 PM
Subject: Pet Food Update

Dear customer,

We’ve had a number of inquiries asking if any Flint River Ranch products are involved in the pet food recall of March 2007.

No ingredients in Flint River Ranch food come from the supplier identified in the dog and cat food recall.

Go here to read the Food and Drug Administration press release:

And for complete lists of the recalled food and answers to common questions go here:

You may also be interested in the following statement from the president of Flint River Ranch:

“Flint River Ranch does not buy from [Menu Foods,] the supplier of the suspect ingredient(s)… Every ingredient is tested before we use it… Additionally, all of our formulas are tested every 15 minutes for standards as cooked, and samples kept for 6 months. All ingredients used are bought from known producers with many years of a strong relationship between us. Chicken and grains from nationally known human-food producers equals human-grade rating and USDA protocol testing of those ingredients we buy. …

It is our bond and pledge to our customers that Flint River Ranch will produce the finest quality of canine and feline products we can, for you to provide to your beloved pets. Our professional associations are only with companies who produce or provide products at the same level as we do.”

Our sympathies go out to those pets affected by this terrible situation, and to their families.

Toll-free: 1 (866) 236-5102
Independent Distributor NNN1 of Flint River Ranch Pet Food

We’d like to hear from you. For customer service, questions, or feedback, please REPLY to this e-mail or write to