About The Author

My name is Pamela Stoker Brander Myers. I am will be 70 years old in 2013.  I met a wonderful man, Rick, in 1995 and we married in 1996.

The love of our life is our little Lil-Lea Diva Myers, our tiny, white 7lb Toy Poodle shown on the left and above.  Lil-Lea was born Oct.8th, 2002.

We spoil her and love doing it.  No matter what kind of day we have had, all we have to do is look at her and she always brings joy and smiles to our hearts and faces. It was for her, that I became interested in Pet food research. I wanted her to be safe!   At 7lbs, it will not take very much of anything to make her very sick, very fast.  She only eats about 2 -4oz once each a day,  so if that was tainted with something, she would be sick within a day or so. Now I do it to help others too.

I have a wide variety of interests in life. I am a writer and published poet. I have been studying Psychology since I was 13 years old. I have been studying and teaching the Bible since about 1976. I also grew up with a deep love for anything in nature…greenery, animals, *most* insects, and just the beauty of it all.  I even like snakes and I find spiders fascinating.

Lil-Lea has her own area on our blog which can be found by clicking the link.


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  1. Very Interesting! I love it!

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