Now they want to put ethanol in the pet foods !

Has the time for DDGS arrived?

Is now the right time for this value-based ingredient in mainstream petfood?

BY Greg Aldrich, PhD Release Date: Monday, September 29, 2008

The production of ethanol has meant many things to the petfood industry — much of which hasn’t been pleasant because of the pressure it has placed on grain supplies. Okay, so a cheap dollar, high fuel costs and a few natural disasters have had their impact as well.

But, maybe there is some redemption for ethanol production that petfood companies have overlooked these last few years. Redemption in the way of an ingredient – specifically the protein-enriched, spent-fermentation co-product known as distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS). Currently, only a few of the “value brands” of petfood are brave enough to incorporate DDGS in their formulas. Considering consumers generally have a favorable view of “green” ethanol and petfood companies have a need to recapture some lost margin encountered with rising commodity prices, it may be time for the broader industry to explore its use.  Read Full

Please don’t miss Susan’s comments on this either.   She has some informative thinking on this.


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