Recalls-Alerts-By Date

I am constantly adding to this trying to back track and add in all that I can find and putting the each in their Pet Food Company listing as well.

I am still adding these as time permits, and as I come across them, but am not activity working on this as of 2012.

Please do not use this information as your only source. As you can see, I am not currant.  This is just an attempt to add recalls to one place, but is by no means complete.


2011-05-17-Blackman Industries Recalls Pig Ear – Primetime Brand

2011-05-17-Boss Pet Recalls Pig Ear Products Because of Possible Health Risk

2011-01-28Merrick is recalling the Jr. Texas Taffy pet treat


Past Pet Food Recalls and Alerts


2010-12-17-Kroger Pet Foods

2010-10-08-RECALL – Blue Buffalo

2010-10-08-Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Makes Dogs around Country Sick

2010-09-03-Hartz Mountain-Recall-Naturals Real Beef Treats-possible Salmonella

2010-08-31-P& G-Recall-Iams Indoor Weight Control w-Hairball formula dry cat food

2010-08-29-P& G-recall-dry cat food sold in Loveland, Colorado

2010-08-17-Merrick- Recall-Beef Filet Squares and Texas Hold’ems Treats(Updated)

2010-08-10-Mice Direct-Recall- frozen reptile feed-possible health risk (Updated)

2010-07-30-P&G-Recall- Veterinary and Some Specialized Dry Pet Foods (Updated)

2010-07-16-Feline’s Pride-Recall-Natural Chicken forumla raw food (Updated)

2010-07-02-Pet Food Recall Merrick’s Beef Filet Treats Again

2010-07-02-United Pet Group-Expands Recall-Nutritional Supplements

2010-07-01-FDA launches online Safety Reporting Portal-Animals foods drugs

2010-07-01-Feline’s Pride-Recall-Natural Chicken Formula Cat Food

2010-06-22-United Pet-Recall-Pro-Pet Adult Daily Vitamin Supplement for Dogs

2010-04-16-Purina-Recall-Strategy® Horse Feed & Layena® Poultry Feed

2010-04-13-Response Products-Broken Bow, Ne-Recall-Advanced Cetyl M® Joint Action Formula for Dogs

2010-03-14-BBB issues warning-Dynamic Pet Products’ Real Ham Bone for Dogs

2010-03-12-Reports of Dog Deaths-From Pork Bone splintering

2010-03-09-Nature’s Variety-Recall-Chicken Raw Frozen Diet for dogs and cats-Salmonella

2010-01-15-Merrick Withdrawals Beef Filet Squares Dog Treats-salmonella

2010-01-14-FDA Health Alert-Merrick Beef Filet Squares Dog Treats


2009-12-09-Pet Carousel-Recall-Beef Hoof Products & Pigs Ears-Salmonella

2009-11-27-Update-Diamond Pet Foods® Premium Edge® recall

2009-11-05-FDA issues health alert for pig ear and beef hooves pet treats

2009-10-13-Wysong® recall – dry dog food

2009-10-13-Country Acres® recall of home grown turkey and quail starter feed

2009-10-02-Nutro® products has recalled some of its pet food products

2009-10-02-Diamond Pet Foods® Premium Edge® brand recall – eastern U.S.

2009-05-21-Nutro Products announces recall of dry cat food products

2009-03-23-Scotts expands wild bird food suet recall-additional 7 products

2009-03-12-Bird food recall-Salmonella contamination: Dead birds found

2009-03-10-Alaska Canine Cookies recall-Possible Salmonella health risk

2009-03-04-Breadfarm recall-Sirius Dog Treats- 01-2007 & 10-2008

2009-02-20-American Health Kennels- recall-Treats containing peanut butter

2009-02-16-Peanut Corporation of America-recall-5 Wild Bird Food products

2009-02-10-American Nutrition, Inc. announces a recall of baked dog treats

2009-02-10-Western Trade Grp recall-Roasted peanuts-Possible Salmonella

2009-02-09-Hialeah Products-DBA-New Urban Farms-Recall- snack products

2009-02-02-Supervalu Inc recalls multi-flavored dog biscuits

2009-01-30-Salix-Recall-6″Pnutbtr-filled shank bone-Possible Salmonella

2009-01-28-Salix recalls dog treat due to possible health risk

2009-01-27-Carolina Prime Pet Nationwide recall of dog treats

2009-01-21-PetSmart recalls Grreat Choice Dog Biscuits


2007-09-18 Bravo Foods-RECALL-Select Poultry Products For Dogs and Cats

2007-09-09 Canidae dog food-tested positive for the painkiller acetaminophen

2007-04-26 Blue Buffalo-RECALL-Can & Biscuit Products

2007-04-19 Blue Buffalo-RECALL-Spa Select Kitten Dry Food

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