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Do not have a lot on this other than it had,and may still have Rice Gluten in it during 2007. I will to locate the contact info


2007-04-27-Recall! All canned dog and cat foods and treats

Recall — Firm Press Release

FDA posts press releases and other notices of recalls and market withdrawals from the firms involved as a service to consumers, the media, and other interested parties. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company.
Sierra Pet Products, LLC Issues Nationwide Recall of “Harmony Farms” Canned Dog Foods, “Harmony Farms” Canned Cat Foods and “Harmony Farms” Dog Treats Manufactured at American Nutrition, Inc.

Caryn Cox
203-762-2525 EXT. 20

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — April 27, 2007 — SIERRA PET PRODUCTS, LLC, Wilton, CT, is initiating a nationwide recall of all canned dog foods, all canned cat food and all dog treats sold under its “Harmony Farms” brand. The Company is taking this voluntary action after learning that the FDA has confirmed the presence of melamine, a substance not approved for use in food, in rice protein concentrate used by the contract manufacturer in the production of some of these products.

It should be noted the “Harmony Farms” canned dog and cat food products were not formulated or labeled to contain rice protein concentrate, and that the manufacturer, American Nutrition, Inc. added the rice protein concentrate to these products without Sierra Pet Products’ knowledge or consent. For this reason, Sierra Pet Products is concerned that it can not have any faith in the integrity, or the accuracy of the ingredient labels of any of its products manufactured by American Nutrition. Therefore Sierra Pet Products is withdrawing all products manufactured by American Nutrition, including products that American Nutrition claims do not contain rice protein. The FDA investigation into the inclusion of the rice protein by American Nutrition in the “Harmony Farms” products is ongoing.

Consumers who have any of the “Harmony Farms” can dog foods, can cat foods, or dog treats that are being recalled should stop using the products immediately, and return any unused or partially used products to the retailer where they were purchased, for a full refund.

Sierra Pet Products has not received any reports of pet illness from any of the recalled products, but consumers are advised to speak with their veterinarian about any concerns for their pet’s health.

The recall includes the following:

* All Cans of “Harmony Farms” dog food
* All Cans of “Harmony Farms” cat food
* All “Harmony Farms” dog treats


FDA has been apprised of this action, and Sierra Pet Products will continue to cooperate with the FDA in its investigation of this matter.

Sierra Pet Products has not received any complaints of illness or renal failure associated with the use of any of the recalled products.

Sierra Pet Products has notified its distributors and retailer customers of this recall by phone and letter and is arranging for return and credit for all recalled products.

Consumers with questions may contact the company at 1-800-808-1664.

2007-04-26-Harmony Farms Cans And Biscuits Recalled

Harmony Farms Cans And Biscuits Recalled
April 27, 2007 10:57 am

April 26, 2007

Harmony Farms Cans And Biscuits Recalled Due To Product Tampering

We regret to inform you that Sierra Pet Products has announced a voluntary recall of its Harmony Farms canned foods and dog biscuits due to product tampering.

Sierra Pet Products was made aware of the product tampering when American Nutrition, Inc. (ANI), the manufacturer of all Harmony Farms cans and biscuits, informed the Company that they had been adding rice protein concentrate to Harmony Farms canned dog and cat foods without the Company’s approval.

It appears that ANI had been adding the unauthorized rice protein concentrate to Harmony Farms products for some time and only told the Company when the FDA was about to conclude that some of ANI’s rice protein concentrate (Supplied by Wilber-Ellis) was contaminated with Melamine.

Important Facts about the recall:

• Sierra Pet Products has elected to cease doing business with ANI effective immediately and remove all its cans and biscuits from retailer’s shelves.

• Products recalled include all Harmony Farms canned dog and cat foods, and all Harmony Farms Health Bar biscuits.

• No Harmony Farms product has tested positive for melamine.

• There have been no reported illness of any dog or cat as a result of consuming either our food or biscuits

• All Harmony Farms dry dog and cat foods are safe for consumption

• Consumers who have unused or partially used packages of any Harmony Farms recalled products should return them to their place of purchase for a complete refund.

We have informed our retail partners and the FDA about this action, and will be cooperating with them to complete this recall quickly.

As a relatively new brand, Harmony Farms is in the process of building trust with pet parents and this cannot be accomplished if we are unable to trust our manufacturer.

We intend to re-introduce our canned products and dog biscuits as soon as we can obtain a manufacturing partner who shares our values of honesty and integrity.


Sierra Pet Products

NOTE:This page, below, still exists on their site, but it no longer has the statement on it.