There Are Reasons Why Some Say Feeding Pets Raw Is Not Good Or Even Dangerous
2007-10-02 Written by Pamela Myers

Someone on a list read the recall on Bravo Raw Foods and Salmonella and said that this was one of the reasons her veterinarian told her over 5 years ago, that if she feeds RAW she takes a chance of nasties and salmonella.

Veterinarians in general, encourage and prefer and many times want, canned/kibble fed dogs……..for a variety of reasons! Of course there are exceptions. The ones who do tout commercially prepared kibbles and cans, really have no valid reason for this, which makes any sense…. unless the pet is sick, perhaps. A couple of other possible reasons……..

One reason might be…..they are selling SD or other Pet Foods in their offices. That would make sense! Another would be that it is a fact that until recently, proper nutritional training was not part of the required Veterinary College curriculum and I am not sure if that has changed yet….either, although it seems to be headed that way, from what I am hearing.

As far as feeding our pets RAW….. unless we are vegetarians, most of us prepare raw meat in our home every day/week. Chicken, especially, has a super high potential for salmonella ……and we are constantly warned about proper preparation… and clean up…… RAW meat is RAW meat……..and no one ever says, let’s not feed meat to humans because it could transmit salmonella or some of the other bacteria if not handled properly……

The FDA has issues with *handling*……or so they say on their website. ~ and yet…… we *handle* raw meat in our kitchens all the time preparing our own family meals, which has the same potential for containing bacteria, and many times does……and we just not aware of it. (NOTE: The FDA allows 23% to pass inspection in our *human meats*, so they know this~!) http://www.fda.gov/cvm/Guidance/Guide122.htm

Whether we are feeding a high quality prepared raw meat, or just plain raw meat from the supermarket, to our fur babies there is no difference ~ the potential for Salmonella and other bacteria’s being present is just as high…and both types of RAW meat require the same special handling…

So much for using that for a reason! Oh, and let’s not forget raw clams, oysters, eggs in eggnogs, and those brave souls who eat meat raw as a delicacy! I don’t see the FDA becoming concerned about those things.

A very high percentage of ALL those who are involved in the Pet Food Industry, on many different levels, attempt to dissuade us from feeding raw because……… if Pet Owners continue the trend towards raw feeding, (and home cooking), the Cattle Farmers (downed cows) , Agriculture Dept (other downed animals), FDA (cost to dispose of), the sanitation dept (road kill), veterinary practices (our dead-medicated pets), laboratories (animals testing), etc, will have to find a new way to deal with the *disposal of all those 4D animals, as they will no longer be rendered for Pet Food! (It is used for other things, but not to the extent is used for Pet Foods)

It will also cost the PFI more to produce better foods without it…..or they, perhaps, will then add more *grains/fillers*, or ingredients and still will not meet our pets nutritional needs, only it will be worse. It will also cost the cattleman, a lot more money per head to have their downed cattle *removed*and perhaps incinerated.

As of around 2003, it was costing the cattle farmer approx $50.00 per head to have a downed cow picked up for rendering! The more people go towards home cooking, raw feeding etc, the more the Pet Food Industry, as a whole, will *continue* to lose ground……..and the more they do, the more worried those who are benefiting from them financially, will become.

If they succeed in eventually passing a law which disallows rendered product in pet foods, the pick-up cost per head for disposal of downed cattle could shoot to $85.00 per head (probably more) ! And then, according to the FDA site and Garth Merricks inference, they would have no way to dispose of all that.

The FDA have tried already to do this and Garth Merrick and a sister company, KAREM FOODS, stood up against it along with the cattle association, of course!

They did this around the time of the BSE outbreak, when they stopped Canadian beef from entering this country. They were, or still are, having an issue with storing the tallow and parts of the bovine that are removed because of BSE! It was a huge issue~ I have yet to find the documents to tell me what they finally did with it. When the company that was *storing it all * took them to court , the court told them they had to remove it ! They did! I am almost afraid to see where it is now!

So, there is great value for those who gain financially from touting the wonderfulness of kibbles and and canned foods, and the dangers of raw and home cooking …… many are in bed together at some level!

It is a known medical fact that dogs carry salmonella in their guts……… many times comes out in their stools………. it has been proven and tested…… some dogs process it better and it appears to be assimilated, and others pass it out …… If a dog is healthy, they rarely get sick. If they are ill, or have a weak immune system it *may* make them sick , if it is high enough in bacteria, otherwise it passes through their short intestines rather fast and does not have time to cause any issues.*

Veterinarians’ should certainly know this, (or admit they do) as well as knowing (and telling clients) that unless a dog is ill or otherwise may have a medically compromised system, it should not bother them! There are some that do know, and have no issue with stating their opinions, and I mentioned them and some of what they say, below.


On the days I feed Lil-Lea her RAW, I do it in a clean, small bowl every time. I bought about 20 small *Pink* and *Mauve* cat dishes. (Shhhh, she does not know they are cats dishes~)

When she is finished, I then I scald the bowl with hot, hot water, in the center of my sink and it goes right down the drain and then I put it into the dishwasher. I can then clean the sink. (my sink stays clean lol)

If for any reason, I can’t clean the bowl right away, I *NEVER* put it in with any other thing in the sink. I put it on top of something on the backboard until I clear out the sink! I also pin up Lil-Lea’s ears just before I feed her. (see photo at bottom of post)

With any dry foods, I have a special container that is a tightly-sealed, stainless steel container with a neat handle, which I keep her opened small bag of food in, which I leave in the bag. The container is only used for that. I bought it at Wal-Mart for $12.00

*The Veterinary Merck Manual states some information on salmonella …… They clearly state that unless there are certain conditions, ….it is a non issue ! When it does become an issue it has to do with certain circumstances. They should also know that KIBBLE has salmonella and so do many of the treats we feed our pets! With this latest recall I am more worried about what they are going to find next in the raw foods, then I am with the salmonella findings and…the FDA KNOWS that meats carry this and they *allow* a certain amount, so since they are recalling these treats…it makes me wonder how bad it really is compared to the average amount we see in our meats every day……

* MERCK MANUAL (Statement from above link about Salmonella)
Dogs and Cats:Many dogs and cats are asymptomatic carriers of salmonellae. Clinical disease is uncommon, but when it is seen, it is often associated with hospitalization, another infection or debilitating condition in adults, or exposure to large numbers of the bacteria in puppies and kittens.

What Vets Say:
Veterinarians and/or Other Pet Care Professionals Agree with and advocate Raw Feeding and/or Cooking!


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