How Much Food to Feed a Dog

8 Oct, 2008 Dogs, Feeding a dog Dogs feed food how much to

Your dog’s body weight, age, metabolism and activity level determine the amount of food it should eat each day. As a general guideline, consider that the average adult dog needs about 60 calories per pound of body weight daily. Young puppies, given their active natures and growing bodies, need about 100 calories per pound per day. As dogs age, their caloric needs diminish and old dogs need only about 30 calories per pound per day.

Dogs eating hand-prepared diets generally consume about one-half to one-third ounce of meat per body pound daily. Dogs eating home-cooked or canned meat should have dog meat or rice added in equal amounts, or up to twice as much for larger dogs. For example, a small dog eating five ounces of meat should also consume five ounces of meat or biscuits. A large dog eating 30 ounces of meat would also have 30 to 60 ounces of starch supplement

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