2009-07-12-Toxic pet food blamed for cat’s death

Toxic pet food blamed for cat’s death; Are your pets safe?
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July 12, 2009 – 6:55 PM
Steve Flamisch

A Saratoga County woman blames a pet food manufacturer for the death of her cat, and claims the store where she purchased the food failed to warn her about a voluntary recall.

Karen Beshara, of Moreau, said her one-and-a-half year-old Siamese named Simona first became sick in early July. The animal’s decreased appetite, lethargy, and swollen abdomen led to veterinary hospitalization. The night before scheduled surgery, Simona died.

“I loved spending time with her,” said Katiya Beshara, 9. “ [After she died], I’d look around and I’d look for her, but I’d forget that she’s not here.”

A few days later, Karen Beshara stopped at PetSmart to purchase more food for her surviving cats. She found the Nutro Max Cat shelf bare, with a sign notifying customers of a voluntary recall due to incorrect potassium and zinc levels.

Beshara said she believes the Nutro caused the toxicity which resulted in Simona’s death. Further, she said another of her cats — Sly — recently tested positive for a dangerously high zinc level.

Doing her own investigative work, Beshara stumbled upon ConsumerAffairs.com — an advocacy website that reports more than 900 complaints related to death or illness resulting from Nutro products. The website cites an anonymous source as claiming the Food and Drug Administration is investigating the company.
However, on Nutro’s own website, the company claims it has received no consumer complaints. :Smack: :Smack:

SOURCE: http://www.cbs6albany.com/news/food-1264728-death-cat.html


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  1. UPDATE: Test results reveal high zinc levels in recalled food

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    July 30, 2009 6:55 PM
    Steve Flamisch

    UPDATE: At the request of CBS 6 News reporter Steve Flamisch, NYS Wildlife Pathologist Dr. Ward Stone agreed to test the suspect cat food and samples of the deceased cat’s liver. The results, released on Thursday, showed zinc levels at 2,000 ppm in the food. According to Dr. Stone, that is high enough to kill at cat over time. However, tests on the cat’s liver did not reveal exceedingly high zinc levels.

    Dr. Stone says he will perform additional tests because the liver sample he received was very small and was sent in a solution he says could’ve disolved some of the minerals. Even if it is revealed that high zinc levels did not kill Karen Beshara’s cat, Dr. Stone believes some kind of toxicity could be to blame. It may or may not be related to the food.

    Dr. Stone did caution all pet owners who’ve used Nutro’s recalled products to be cautious given the dangerously high zinc level he discovered in the food.

    Read More here: http://www.cbs6albany.com/news/food-1264728-death-cat.html

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