Diana Mick <diana>
Mon, May 5, 2008 at 12:36 PM
subject RE: CAUTION ALERT !!!! This is NOT a Recall—— Bone Shards reported to be found in Orijen Dry Senior!

Hello Pamela,
Thank you for the Google Alert.

ORIJEN has NOT been recalled. We did have shipment of fresh salmon from our North Vancouver Island supplier of fresh salmon, herring and flounder. On this shipment our supplier experienced problems with the screens that separate bone fragments from the salmon meat. Unfortunately they did not notify Champion Petfoods about the problem and, as the bone fragments are small they were not identified when the salmon was QC’d on arrival. The fresh salmon was subsequently used in the production of several runs of ORIJEN.

This problem has since been resolved with our supplier and we have also implemented additional procedures at our factory to assure this does not happen again. An explanation with the lot numbers affected has been posted on our website at www.championpetfoods.com

While the bones in the kibble do not compromise the nutrition quality or safety of the product we certainly understand customers concerns. The food is safe to continue feeding removing the affected kibble.

Kind Regards,
Diana Mick
Customer Service
Champion Petfoods Ltd
p 780.939.6888
f 780.939.6858


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