SOURCE: John Sibley

2008-04-28 Hunte Corp, Middlemen of Misery

The Hunte Corporation is the largest broker in the US of “misery puppies” – those sad products of puppy mills that end up for sale in pet stores. They try to stay out of the dirtiest part of the work themselves, instead acting as middlemen, brokering sales of puppies from puppy mills to pet stores.

Hunte is having a conference for its “breeders” this coming September. The keynote speaker is a man who calls himself “America’s Dog Whisperer”, Mark German. His appearance is sponsored by Nutri Source dog food and the overall conference is sponsored by Royal Canin dog food.

Read entire article here:   http://foryourentertainment.blogspot.com/2008/04/hunte-corp-middlemen-of-misery.html


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