2008-03-20-Response To Me From Company

My Questions and their E-Mail Response to Me

From: info@freshpet.com
Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2008 1:54 AM
Subject: Fresh Pet and Deli Fresh

Q.- When Did your company start the product?
A.- 2005

Q.- When did the product go into Supermarkets?
A.- 2006 In the Fall and shortly after there were 1,300 carrying the product. The hardest thing to do was to get the stores to install the refrigeration Cases in the pet food isle.

Q.-Where do your purchase the various meats and fish etc?
A.- The turkey was sourced from PA. Chicken from PA, Beef from NY, NJ and PA.

Q.- Do you make any other food?
A.- Deli Fresh!

Q.- Is that the only products your company makes?
A.- Freshpet and Deli Fresh are the only products we make.

Q.- Do you use any ingredients from the rendering plants?
A.- NO!

Q.- Where do your vitamins come from? Do they come from China? And, if so, how do you oversee that they are safe to use?
A.- He (R&D manager) advised that we source all the vitamins and minerals from the US, except for the Vitamin B’s, which come from Europe.
Q.- At what min/max temps do you cook the food?
A.-The exact temperatures and processing of our product is of course proprietary, but I can tell you it is similar to pasteurization. In the discussion of the gentle processing the product receives, we are comparing Freshpet to shelf stable thermal processed canned and dry dog foods, and not other methods of food stabilization such as referenced by the general term of “freeze dry”. In our process we heat the product just to the optimal point of eliminating pathogenic microorganism of concern, while not destroying all the biological active organisms, as shown by the need to refrigerate Freshpet.

Genevieve Ferrara
Consumer Affairs
400 Plaza Drive
1st Floor
Secaucus, NJ 07094


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