2008-01-22-My Thoughts on Response/Letter Nutrua sent to me

At this point, I have not decided if I even want to bother to respond to their email. I have to think about it!

Although I see a huge difference in attitude from them, compared to how they responded *prior to and during* the 2007 recalls, I personally feel as a consumer, that they have a way to go……to be able to impact informed Pet Food Consumers in a way that will convince them that Nutura has care and compassion for our situation and out pets. IMO! I do think they are on their way, however.

Paragraph #01- Ummm, I get the express feeling that I am to be grateful they are assisting me, since *most* or my answers are on the site, which they gave me the link to…… especially interesting since in my initial letter, I quoted directly from their site several times. I was looking for a more personal response/reassurance. Something similar to the warm response I received from Orijen which came across to me as a consumer, as *how can we make you comfortable with our product!* because we care. (see the ORIJEN board on this food forum.)

Paragraph #02 – I know several Pet Food Companies who make claims to such healthful pet food. Orijen, to name just one!
There are also Honest Kitchen, Nature’s Variety and others that have impressed myself and others by their products, ingredients, communication, including adequate disclosure concerning their all or most of their manufacturing practices.

Paragraph #03)- No comment on this other than to say it is good information and nice to hear……..

Paragraph #04-10 are directly taken from the website word for word!

Paragraph #11- This is the first paragraph which, to me, at least really talks to me as a consumer who has actually has a brain and may understand an honest reply ! It is an honest *forthcoming response* to a legitimate concern! It is the first place in this entire post that does not sound or come across as though it is being copied and pasted from a pre-designed post somewhere!

Paragraph #12-The last part of the paragraph is almost word for word, from their *independent results page*

Paragraph #13-14 Both sentences are pretty much rearranged from the *ingredients definition pages*EXCEPT!!!!! The sentence that says, *CLEARLY* that they do NOT use 3D animal ingredients! THAT is , once again *huge* ~

SUMMERY……… so all in all, most of the letter was taken from various pages and statements on the site! Other than the 3D comment, there was *nothing on the email that was not on the site!

I did not get some questions answered! Mostly on the rendering procedures they use and where the rendering is done. But at least they are telling us that there is no 3D meat used! I would still like to know who does the rendering as well as how and where it is done and what else might be produced at the place they get the rendering done, because I am thinking about cross contamination issues !

—-what type of plants/factories do the rendering?
—-Are the various renderings done specifically for your line of foods according to your specifications?
—-If so, what are those specifications?

—-Also, what other things are produced at the factories/plants where your foods are produced.


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