2008-01-20-Thread from Lets Talk-on Powdered Cellulose in the Food

This is a thread from the old forum on the subject of “Powdered Cellulose” in the food

(FROM ANIMALS SPEAK) Posted: Tue Jan 20, 2009 12:44 pm BY Sandy

I have been feeding Evolve kibble to my dogs for some years. I did research on foods and this was available in my area (I get it special ordered. It has been advertised as holistic, natural, using meats that could be safely eaten by humans and, to further add to it’s desirability, it was endorsed by the Whole Dog Journal.

I switched from Maintenance to Senior awhile back on the advice of my vet –the ingredients still seemed “healthy” and were still advertised as holistic/natural, etc.

Just picked up a new bag which is different in appearance from the last bag. The people at the food store said they had just changed the bag design –this has happened before and when I inquired and called the company (the place where I purchase the food was able to get in touch with them –customers can’t seem to get through on the customer line which has been problematic for me all along). :confused:

I just started reading the ingredients on the new bag which now says Senior/Lite Formula. I am upset —
the “old” ingredients were Lamb, Brown Rice, Ground White Rice, Lamb Meal, Bovine Cartilage, Chicken meal, oats, beet pulp—–

The “new” ingredients are: chicken, rice, rice flour, chicken meal, dried beet pulp, rice bran, POWDERED CELLULOSE :furious:

Isn’t cellulose like sawdust? GRRRR The appearance of the kibble has changed too.

Guess I am back on the hunt for a new dog food. Honest Kitchen has kind of caught my interest and I have also been looking a Life’s Abundance (I think that is the name of it). I have been resistant to having food delivered and not being able to pick it up myself, but that may very well change soon.

It is so very difficult to know what to give the dogs to eat. At this point, cooking for them is not a good option for me –I never know when I will have to board the dogs with a little notice and I need to have enough food on hand to quickly pack and something that doesn’t require a lot of preparation by the kennels where I board. I also want to have something that I don’t have to worry about being properly handled by kennel help —A kennel is only as good as the help and sometimes a bad egg creeps in no matter how careful the owners try to be


Just a Note.

~ I have been noticing changes in the packaging for about that period of time, now, but when I questioned it, I got answers like “there was a mistake in the packaging and some food was packed in bags that were meant for Canada (or wherever), but the food is the same (and the ingredients did seem to be what they always were).

I had to switch the dogs from Senior to Maintenance (Evolve) because I was out of food and they didn’t get the senior formula in. They got sick. This was the second time on the Evolve Maintenance they got ill –one time it was when the foods were in the Canadian bag (but the ingredients listed on the bag were the same) and a couple of months ago –when the listed ingredients also were the same as previously. Not being able to pass the illness off on the food, I just had to attribute it to just one of those times their stomachs weren’t quite right.

Now this latest bag of senior is completely different from the last bag in looks and in ingredients. The scoop is that Sunshine Mills has been changing formulas for at least a year. meanwhile using up the inventory of Triumph –which accounts for the bag differences and, perhaps even, a new formula put in old bags. It makes sense to me, now, that the dogs got ill –vomiting/diarhea.

I am checking out Verus and Eagle Pack as they are available –I read about Eagle Pack on the forum, but couldn’t find any info on the Verus. I am ruling out Eagle Pack because of the forum info.~

(FROM ANIMALS SPEAK) Posted: Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:13 pm By Pam
Well, that stinks ! But, it does not surprise me !  On my list of on-going ingredients, this is what
it says about CELLULOSE from the AAFCO and from The Dog Food Project Site

AAFCO:Purified, mechanically disintegrated cellulose prepared by processing alpha cellulose obtained as a pulp from fibrous plant materials. Dried wood is the most common source for cellulose (I’m not kidding.). It is cleaned, processed into a fine powder and used to add bulk and consistency to cheap pet foods. (The Dog Food Project:) I would consider this ingredient appropriate for termites, but certainly not for dogs or cats.

I can imagine the annoyance and worry you all have , as I do with the cats, feeding them these commercial foods. They change with the wind and seem to *forget* to notify us when they lower their standards of ingredients.

Have you tried to call the company themselves about this most recent *blunder*~

Posted: Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:28 pm BY SANDY


I see that I was right –cellulose = sawdust –finely powdered or not. Cellulose is basically a filler and, believe it or not is used in pills, as well as talcum, for humans –low quality vitamins come to mind.

I will contact the feed store tomorrow, as well and tell them to cancel my standing order for Evolve.

This site is wonderful –there is so much information out there it is great to have it all in one place so one can keep coming back again and again to search


Posted: Tue Jan 27, 2009 6:26 pm BY PAM
Thanks Sandy


Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 9:39 pm BY PAM


Hi Sandy,

I have been trying to research Sunshine foods and Triumph for the last few days and their entire site is down as of March 2nd and it says this on the site:

Welcome to Triumph Pet Foods

In an effort to improve customer service and information, this website is being re-designed to serve you better.
Check back as we roll out our brand new website.

Until then, you can contact us at:

Triumph Pet Industries
P.O. Box 676, 500 6th Street S.W.
Red Bay, AL 35582


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