2008-01-14-My response to Peter thanking him

From: Pamela Brander Myers
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2008 2:33 PM
To: ‘Peter Muhlenfeld’

Hi Peter,

I brought home some ORIJEN samples for Lil-Lea from a local Virginia Beach pet store a few days ago. She loves it! It smells good too.

Your email is amazing. You definitely have my full attention ! I am thrilled at the process you use to produce your foods!

Yes, I am fully aware that this is not standard in the industry and I spend part of almost, every waking day, trying to convince people of just that fact, concerning 3D animals being in the majority of the Pet Foods. I post FDA documents to that effect to the lists on a regular basis, when the opportunity presents itself, and have the information on my Animals Speak forum as well. I always tell people, it is not about *if* it is in the pet foods! It is in definitely in them. It is about figuring out which ones it may *not be in* Some have come around to realizing it…..some refuse to accept it…..! Some cannot afford to stop feeding certain foods anyway, but at least they have the information to do the best the can do for their pets when they are able to..

My own husband opened a bag of dog food years ago and found a suture in it! Recently, Merrick was found to have a piece of plastic in a bag of food…..and this past year, pet tags were found in a food (can’t remember which one) Then there is the various other foreign objects and Phenobarbital and on and on the list goes as you are well aware of.

As consumers, we are becoming more and more educated and I am thrilled to be a part of this education process and to find companies such as ORIJEN, who strive to meet higher standards, and produce a quality food. I am happy to also be a part of putting this information out to the public as well.

I will be purchasing your food for Lil-Lea as a supplement for her NV RAW MEDALLIONS and I am in hopes that in the near future, you will expand your line of foods and keep the same high quality standards you do now with your fish product. ………. as I am confident you will..

I will putting your information on my Animals Speak site…… with a note clearly stating that the company states there are no 3D animals in this food and that the rendering process is done exclusively for your company and meets your standards of human grade product and done at a facility that is EU registered and only process only ingredients fit for human consumption!~ THIS IS HUGE~ ! J I will also be including links to your various articles on line.

I am inclosing three documents for you to see, from 1989-2006, from the FDA site, on the Ethoxyquin situation. They are almost humorous except for the seriousness of the ingredient, because the FDA can’t seem to make up their minds about it, although it is bad stuff. ………….. <sigh>

I googled you <G> and came up with some very interesting information which is consistent with what you are telling me J Sorry, I can’t help it….. I am addicted to researching and confirming information. <G> Besides you never mentioned your position in the company and I was curious J I see that you are the marketing director and related to the president of the company. One of the links below carries your photo, so it is nice to put a face to the name 😉

2003-07-18    http://www.organicconsumers.org/madcow/cats71703.cfm

Thank you again Peter, for your information and for treating consumers as though we are intelligent beings and that our pets are important to us and for trying to make a difference and succeeding at it..

Now, if only you can convince the rest of the Pet Food Industry…..but, alas, I fear that the Cattleman’s Association and the way to strong here in the US and they are not going to pay any more per head of cattle for disposal then they have to , so the 3D rendering keeps them afloat and between them and the PFI …..methinks it is hopeless!

Pamela Stoker Brander Myers
E-Mail: LetsTalkPetFoods@Gmail.com

NOTE:  The link above is the only one left that works……when I originally posted this in my forum, all the links were working and one of them had his photo on the site.



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