2008-01-03-First response from ORIJEN-Peter Muhlenfeld

From: Peter Muhlenfeld
Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2008 7:08 PM
To: ‘Pamela Brander Myers’

Hello Pamela and thanks very much for taking the time to write to us.

Not only are our fish ingredients not rendered, but they are fresh – which means they have never been frozen and have no preservatives added to them what-so-ever. We are not able to say that foods are completely free of rendered ingredients, but 50% of the meats in ORIJEN are FRESH (which means about 35% of the total formulation).

All high-protein diets contain rendered ingredients, there really is no option as with today’s technology it isn’t feasible to make a low-carbohydrate diet without using meals of some kind (fresh meats contain too much water to generate high protein by themselves).

Rendered ingredients in ORIJEN include:

1. Fish meal: sourced from fish fresh-caught off North Vancouver Island, processed expressly for ORIJEN, and preserved
without Ethoxyquin)
2. Chicken meal: from local free-run chickens
3. Turkey meal; from local turkey

These ingredients comprise roughly 50% of the total ORIJEN meat inclusions.

All of our products are made exclusively in our own factory here in Alberta Canada, and our facilities are not only USDA approved, but meet every know regulation in the world (we export to some 50 countries!). All of our meat ingredients are made exclusively from animals that are passed as fit for human consumption by the Canadian Government.

We own and operate our own plant and have been making Petfoods for some 25 years now. We are a family-based business and our mission is to “produce world-class pet foods from fresh regional ingredients”. We make all of our foods within our own facilities – nothing is co-packed or co-labeled.

We ship through distributors, with nothing older than 4 weeks leaving our plant.

As for ingredients, we specialize in fresh regional ingredients and although all our ingredients are not produced locally (vitamins & minerals) these are sourced from North America and we are also careful to ask are not produced from any Chinese inputs. By the way, FRESH means those ingredients we call fresh are all from our region and arrive never-frozen with no preservatives and are used within 24 hours to produce ORIJEN – to our knowledge we are the only producer doing this.

Feel free to write back with any follow-up questions Pamela.

Kind Regards,



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