2007-12-07-Timberwolf Rep Responds to Upset Consumers

I am cross posting this to a few forums. If you do see a forum that I did not get to please direct them here or please let me know so I can address this.

Due to some concerns of a possible formula ‘change’ in Timberwolf Organics we’d like to set the record straight. The ingredient list on our website has always reflected the food in our bags. Some online retailers that carry our food do not necessarily update their listing to reflect what we have on our website. The food we produce has not changed.

With our older packaging there was some compliance issues with some descriptors of the ingredients. For example ‘low ash salmon meal’. Low Ash can not be defined under AAFCO guidelines so even though the salmon meal that we use is exactly the same as before we must remove the low ash portion of the ingredient listed.

This is a similar case with the dried potato product, dried egg product and a few other ingredients. Since the recent boom in natural and holistic ingredients and dog foods there has been a lag in definitions available through AAFCO. AAFCO defines a potato or egg being used in a food as a dried potato product or a dried egg product. There has been no change in supply or quality in any of our foods. We have been merely updating to the ‘correct’ definition under AAFO guidelines.

As for the chicken fat in the Ocean Blue and the Dakota Bison it has always in all of our formulations. Do to an oversight when we switched bag manufacturers a few years ago it was left off the ingredient list and wasn’t discovered until we switched to the new bag manufacturer and started to review the label. We apologize for any perceived deceit as there was none intended.

Chicken fat will not trigger an allergic reaction in dogs or any animals that is allergic to chicken. The antigen that is associated with chicken allergies is only found in the protein portion of the chicken, i.e. chicken meat and meal. It is not in the fat, and chicken fat is probably the best single source of the correct ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids available.

For the rumors of financial problems or other issue are not true. We have recently moved into a new office high rise in downtown Orlando and sales of Timberwolf have been spectacular. We are in no danger of going out of business or selling out to a faceless corporation (who we hear are the ones spreading the rumors – some companies cannot compete on quality and so must use more devious means to try to create a competitive advantage). We will continue to make, in our opinion, the best food on the market.

If you wish to change to another food over this issue there is probably nothing that we can do to to change your mind. Thank you for the time that you did use the food and we hope in the future that you try us again. For those of you on the fence as your experience please ask yourself: Has your experience with our foods been positive? Like I said earlier the formulas have been the same and have not changed in over two years. The formulas are excellent food that have changed the lives of thousands of dogs for the better, hopefully many of your own dogs. If your dog has enjoyed the food we hope you continue with us.

We soon will have the most compliant bags in the industry and many other manufacturers will be going through the same procedure as us in the future with the greater scrutiny by AAFCO. We will be having more information coming soon regarding the new bags. If you have any other questions please email at customer.support@timberwolforganics.com” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false

Thank you,
Joseph Carey
Timberwolf Customer Service


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