2007-09-23-My Letter To NV About the sorce of the Rabbit

Dear Mr Sanford Goodman,

I wish to express my sincere gratitude for your personal response to my email inquiry a day or so ago concerning Nature’s Variety source of the rabbit in your foods, and your reference to your post on Itchmo :)

I went to the Itchmo site and read your post there and I have to say that I am very impressed that you, as the CEO of this company saw the need to respond personally to consumer inquiries and concerns on a public forum. I hope other companies will follow your example and meet the consumers eye to eye.

This Full Disclosure and the dignified way you and your company representatives speak with your consumers, is the main reason I chose to go with your company, directly after the recalls started and , of course, your product and wonderful ingredients.

I research several companies and spoke with them as well, but when I called Nature’s Variety and spoke with your people there, I was very impressed by the way my questions were answered and the lack of hesitation to provide me with information, both by your office staff and the plant manager. I long ago learned that representatives of a company (as a whole) usually reflect the mind-set of the Owner/CEO/Manager.

I found the information on your rabbit sources very interesting and understandable. Although I do happen to be one of the people you mentioned who does not at all feel comfortable putting any trust in China Production, I do believe what you have said, and as a consumer, I commend you for your efforts to ensure a safe product for our fur babies.

Even though Lil-Lea will not eat rabbit, for who knows what reason, your efforts to ensure the safety of its source and production for your foods, only strengthens my belief that your company is a reflection of yourself and my conviction that I have chosen the right company to provide food for my Lil-Lea.

I will continue to feed her Nature’s Variety Raw Medallions and supplement her with your Grain Free Chicken Formula Instinct.

Thank you for caring about our fur babies and providing valuable information to us so we can make our decisions accordingly based on disclosure, rather than blind faith

I have recommended your RAW Medallions and your Dry Instinct to many members of my lists and forum and I am confident that I speak for those and others who use your product, when I say how much your forthcoming communication is appreciated.

Pamela Myers


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