2008-07-10-Heads Up! Plastic Inside Lamb & Rice Roll

HEADS UP EVERYONE ! Dick Van Pattens Lamb and Rice Rolls

2008-07-10 I received a post from a member explaining that *soft clear plastic* was just found in 2 rolls of the 3 she had purchased. She did not open the third package yet. She has written to the company and she has taken photos. I have seen the photos. The company has responded right away, and has requested some things to be sent to them.

As soon as I get permission to post the details, I will post the information with its photos, here the forum and to my blog and in an updated email. I just wanted to give you the heads up.

Something similar happened in May with Turkey Roll, only it was not plastic! See previous post before this one. Must some issue with quality control!

UPDATE: 7/13/08 I have permission to post the details, so stay toned here. I have to typed them up and get them approved for accuracy and then I will be posting them here. In the mean time the use by dates and photos are below!

02/21/09 is the best by date.



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