2001-02-13-Merrick Admits Using Items Unfit For Human Consumption

PECOS, February 13, 2001 – How about a nice pig nose for your dog to play with? Or a horse hoof? You can get them from a place in Hereford called Merrick Pet Foods, Inc.

The company makes pet food and pet treats. The raw material comes from packing houses in the neighborhood. Merrick uses the things that are not fit for human consumption.

“So we do the tails and ears the noses and the chins and the hooves and different bones,” says Garth Merrick, president of the company. “It’s all processed in such a way that is totally sanitary and safe for anything that would eat it. We’re in the middle of cattle country, of course, so it’s our hope to continue to utilize everything but the moo.”


Merrick does a big business in rawhide with people who make drums, chairs, stirrups and whips. The company’s dog and cat foods are sold under the BEEF ‘n MORE and Merrick Premium Quality brands.
Merrick sells fresh and frozen beef to zoos and offers special diet food for greyhounds in the racing industry.
“Our researchers and nutritionists are continually working to provide the highest quality nutrition available in great-tasting foods and treats pets will enjoy,” says Garth.


The grounds at Merrick are landscaped and filled with animals. It looks like a game park. “We’ve got peacocks and ostrich and emu and llamas and Indian black bucks. We like animals.”


READ ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE      http://www.pecos.net/news/arch2001/021301o.htm (article is about half way down the page)


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